Private Well Information

The Village of Whiting has an established private well permitting/inspection/abandonment program to meet the requirements of NR 810.16. The program regulates all wells on properties that are connected to the Village water system. Due to increased interest from the DNR in declaring all wells in the Village as abandoned or properly permitted, the Utilities Department will be increasing inspections and enforcement of the well abandonment ordinance Sec. 15.52. For more information on well abandonment and permitting contact Jacob at 715-340-3345.

Steps for obtaining a well operation permit:

  1. Call us to schedule a well inspection.
  2. If well is code compliant we will supply a sample bottle for Coliform Bacteria.
  3. Collect sample from well sample tap as described in instructions that accompany the bottle.
  4. Deliver or send your sample immediately.
  5. Receive results from the lab in the mail.
  6. If paperwork indicates “safe” or “absent” bring the results paperwork back to the village hall to apply for the permit. Permit is good for five years and the cost is $25.

The Utilities Department designates 4 days for samples to be dropped off at the Village of Whiting Municipal Building to then be taken up to the UWSP WEAL Lab for testing. Those dates are not scheduled yet. Please call Jacob at 715-340-3345 for more details.

Well Inspections: well inspections are required in order to issue a private well permit and no less than every 10 years after the initial inspection. The Village will perform well inspections to comply with ch.NR 810 subch. IV at no charge to customers.

Newly constructed wells must have well tested for Nitrates in addition to Coliform Bacteria testing for the first permit cycle. The next permit cycle will only require Coliform Bacteria testing.