Forms & Permits

If you are looking for information on a permit or license that is not listed on this page,
please call the Village Clerk's Office to see if it is required.

Animal Licenses and Pet Information

All domestic dogs and cats whose legal and rightful owners reside within the Village of Whiting are required to be licensed per Village Ordnance.  Animal Licenses may be picked up at the Municipal Center.

The Fee Schedule is as follows:

 Dogs Neutered or Spayed - $12.00

Dogs Non-Neutered or Spayed - $22.00

Cats Neutered or Spayed - $12.00

Cats Non-Neutered or Spayed - $22.00

Owners of non-licensed animals will be cited.  The forfeiture for non-licensed animals is currently $150.00

Important Note: Purchasing or convincing your neighbor to purchase dog and cat licenses saves tax dollars for all of us! The more licenses we sell, the less we contribute to the County's program.

Pet Owners Beware: Village Ordnance requires all pet owners to clean up after their animal.  This is imperative for the health and safety of our community as pet waste spreads disease.  Owners found not cleaning up after their pet can and will be cited per Village Ordnance.

Animal Shelter: The Village of Whiting has entered into a written agreement with the Portage County Humane Society for animal control purposes.  If you suspect any animal control related issues, please contact the Portage County Humane Society.  The PCHS is located at:

3200 Iber Lane, Plover, WI 54467

Direct Phone Number: 715 344 5954

Animal Emergencies can be referred to the Portage County Sheriffs' Department who will contact the appropriate personnel.

Building Permits

Prior to any building or remodeling project, whether it is residential, commercial or industrial occurring within the Village of Whiting, an Inspection and Permit must be obtained.

To obtain a permit, please contact Brent Curless

4300 Pine Ridge Drive

Stevens Point, WI 54481

Phone: 715.341.5480

Work in Road Right of Way and Driveway Reconstruction Permits

Please complete the associated permit application below and submit to the Village Clerk/Treasurer with the associated fee.