Garbage Collection / Recycling


Advanced Disposal Services has been contracted to provide garbage and recycling pickup services for the Village of Whiting.

Garbage and Recycling may be set outside at the same time, but must be in different containers.

2020 Garbage & Recycle Pickup Calendar

Holidays will affect the schedule. Please review the garbage and recycling schedule.

Note: For 2020 both Garbage & Recycling will be picked up every Friday beginning January 10th.  For a smooth transition Advanced Disposal has agreed to do a double pickup the last week of 2019. There will be a Garbage pickup on Monday, December 30th and a Garbage & Recycling pickup on Saturday, January 4th.

Advanced Disposal has informed the Village that every house will get one new cart for garbage and one new cart for recycling, so that the carts are uniform throughout the Village. If desired, you may call Advanced Disposal to request that your old containers be removed. Their phone number is (715) 997-3133.

If residents are currently renting carts from Advanced Disposal, they will need to call and cancel their rental agreement and Advanced Disposal will remove those carts.  If residents have purchased the carts from Advanced Disposal, but no longer want them, you will need to call them at the number above to request that they be picked up. Advanced Disposal will not provide reimbursements for carts that were purchased.

Drop off of the carts will begin during the week of December 13 thru December 20. For residents that may not be home when carts are dropped off, you are encouraged to ask a neighbor to take the carts in for you.  All carts will have a new pickup schedule brochure hanging under the cart lid. The brochures will be bagged to protect them from the elements. The Village will also have extra copies of the brochure at the Whiting Municipal Building - or by clicking the 2020 calendar link above.

As a reminder Village residents can only put out one garbage cart and one recycling cart each week (per the Village’s contract with Advanced Disposal). Advanced Disposal will not empty more than one garbage or one recycling cart per residence per week.As soon as you get your new carts you can start using them, you don’t have to wait for the New Year to begin to use carts.

Recycling/Disposal Information

Portage County Hazardous Waste Information: Household Hazardous Waste - 2012

How to dispose of medicine: Pharmaceutical Dropoff Brochure - 2012

New Recycling brochure: Recycling Brochure - 2012

Sharps Collection Stations: 'Sharps' Collection Program - 2012

Information on Portage County Transfer Facility: Transfer Facility - 2012


  • Old or unused fire extinguishers can be dropped off at the Village Office and the Fire Department will dispose of them properly. No charge.
  • Get CASH for your old fridge or freezer. Focus On Energy offers $35 for any old fridge or freezer.  Appliances must be working.  You can get them picked up for free by calling 800-354 1898.
  • The Village offers a once a month curbside pickup for appliances and furniture. Stickers must be purchased at the Village office and prices vary for each item.  The pickup is the 2nd Tuesday of each month.
  • Portage County Solid Waste Department also accepts furniture, appliances, electronics, grills, carpeting, motor oil, light bulbs, batteries and more. Fees may apply.  Call 715 343 6297 for prices and hours of operation.
  • Household SHARPS collection program. FREE SERVICE.  Sharps (do not separate the needle from the syringe; Place them in a labeled secure container with the words “BIO-HAZARD”, “INFECTIOUS WASTE”, or ‘SHARPS”.  Good examples of secure containers are heavy plastic detergent or bleach bottles with a screw top cap.  Drop off pharmacy locations:  K-Mart; ShopKo Plover and ShopKo Stevens Point; Trigs County Market; Walgreens on Church Street; or both the Copps stores (Copps requires a Commercial Sharps Container).  Questions call Portage County Information Line at 715 343 6297.
  • Portage County Solid Waste Department, 650 Moore Road (off CTH B) provides FREE paper shredding; scrap metal, used motor oil and antifreeze. Questions call 715 346 1931.
  • Latex Paint is not a hazardous material. Hardened paint can be put out as garbage.  To harden paint leave paint in open can or pour into a box lined with a plastic bag and to speed up the process add kitty litter, sawdust or a commercially purchased paint hardener.  Paint lids can be recycled.
  • UNWANTED MEDICINE: Two permanent locations at Plover Police Department (Post Road entrance) or Stevens Point Police Department lobby (basement level).  Prescription and over the counter are acceptable in original containers.  Also keep the name of the medication on the container for easier identification.  But remove your name, address and phone number.  Questions call 715 343 6297.