Business 51 Construction Information

Business 51 construction for the 2019 season has begun.

On Wednesday June 26, both legs of County HH at Business 51 will be closed to facilitate concrete paving operations. NB and SB Business 51 traffic will not be impacted by the closure with the exception that no turns onto County HH will be permitted. The signal lights in the intersection will be switched to a flashing yellow mode for NB and SB traffic and a flashing red for EB and WB until the east leg of County HH is reopened.

The east leg will be closed between Business 51 and School Avenue with access to homes and businesses being maintained. The west leg of County HH will be closed at Lower Whiting Park.  The east leg will reopen on approximately July 10th with the west leg reopening on approximately July 24th. Weather as always has the potential to impact these dates.  Please see the following link for a detour route:


Weekly progress updates will be available below: